A huge thanks to my assistant Sarah, husband Eric, colleagues, and friends and family. In the face of my new challenges, your support has made it possible for my stories to still be shared and writtblen. You have become my hands, eyes, ears, legs, voice, strength, and mind when mine have failed. It is because of you that I have purpose, that I still have stories, as I journey through this obstacle.

Many of you know that I have faced ill-health and challenges before. Recently, they have evolved into neurological and physical conditions which result in cognitive changes, discoordination, tremors, severe pain, and weakness.

My whole life has changed. It will be a difficult journey, but I am learning to navigate this new life because of the support you give.

For those who love my stories, there are many people working to keep bringing them to you, even when I cannot. Thank you for your loyalty and patience, and thank you for your love of story.