It is ready now. That’s right, you’ve been following me on this journey since November 2016 or before and waiting eagerly for the dragon novel I kept talking about. You pined, you begged, you cried and still the wait dragged on. Wait no more! You can now purchase the paperback through Amazon sites, the eBook will be available from most online retailers on July 15, 2017.

Through Dragon Eyes is a young adult novel told through the perspective of the Wise One Earthana and her scaler Zoe. As Zoe discovers who she is and where she comes from, Earthana must learn to become the next Wise One of Dragon Mountain. Earthana must face something no dragon has experienced before, war. A mystical artifact holds the possibility of salvation from the growing force of King Warrick’s army, but the elves watching over it have lost it. Zoe’s friends – Soran the elf, her human brother Caden, Lily the blacksmith’s finisher, and a merman named Nymen – help her search for the missing Gauntlet of the Realms.

This novel was written as part of my first National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo (2016) experience. It was a difficult journey, although not as long as it seemed to take in retrospect, to grow from that first draft into the book which you will hold in your hands. I almost gave up after that NaNoWriMo draft. This book almost did not happen. Thanks to the careful scrutiny and advice of my editor Liz, an amazing wizard with words, the book actually happened.

The talented Jestin Troughton did a commission for the cover. I suggest you visit his website and grab one of his beautiful prints. Here’s his piece:

The cover designer I was using recommended a different route, and that’s the cover you see in my shop and other stores. It’s unfortunate Jestin’s art didn’t get used, but don’t fear, there will be promotional items like bookmarks included with giveaways on, available to patrons, and available at events.

What’s next for books and writing projects?

A return to the Angels and Avalon universe to complete a few more books. Newsletter subscribers got a little secret about the next two books I’m working on in that universe. Want to sign up for my newsletter? Contact me and let me know. Just make sure to provide your email address and let me know you’d like to receive the newsletter I send out one to four times a year.

I’d also like to strengthen some of my online presence and content. That means more blog posts, interviews (characters here and authors on, and random ramblings.

Well, there’s lots of work to do. I’ll let you get to reading that dragon book now.