My have you been patient with me. Thank you so much for understanding how much work goes into these darlings. Thank you for being patient with me as I face new health issues which also contributes to delays. These new health challenges have created obstacles to writing and working, but my husband, assistant super-hero Sarah, and a group of other industry professionals and fans have been working and helping to get these to you. With the help of this amazing team of people, there are a few more books coming your way now. Hold on to your seats because there’s a lot in store.

In case you haven’t read it, there’s a free short-story featuring life for Adamina before Avalon, before she had a name, available right here on my website.

If you want Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) of these, you can email me.

Innocence and Ire is the third book in the Angels and Avalon series. It features fire, family, and flying. Part 1 revisits a different perspective on the past-life of Avalon where you get to know some of the children a bit better. Part 2 picks up in the modern-day urban fantasy plot where book 2 Demons and Destiny left off. You can pre-order the ebook here. Paperback version will be available in the near future in select book stores.

By the end of the year, there should be one more installment available for purchase featuring Veronica and Kamiel’s underworld adventure accompanied by the Crone. There are also two more final installments (one book and one short story) that will finish off the series. Despite what I said to Lucifer during his/her interview, Lucifer will likely not be getting his/her own book. Don’t worry, Lucifer’s story will come out in the next few books. The goal is to have the entire series finished and published by end of 2020.

A new, gritty mini-series is on its way too. Tyrel Hanson P.I. is a supernatural thriller staring Tyrel Hanson and his side-kick Stephen from the Angel and Avalon universe. The series follows Tyrel through cases of paranormal and supernatural investigation and his private investigator life. More is revealed about the character’s background including his association with the Canadian Secret Service and how he passes the time while his girlfriend Madison is away working.

By the end of April, you’ll be able to purchase the first ebook The Case of the Hundun set in the Canadian prairie badlands and featuring ghosts, time-loops, and a dangerous, fiery entity. While there are some minor instances where the plots intersect with the events of the Angels and Avalon series, this is a stand-alone series inspired by noir and supernatural films and tv shows.

Later in the summer ebook number 2 in the Tyrel series, The Case of the Mullo set in a Canadian prairie small town featuring a zombie-like mystery creature, will be available for purchase. If you prefer paperbacks, those will come after book 3’s ebook version comes out by the end of 2020.

After that, new adventures and stories await. Thank you again for your patience and thank you so much for your love of stories.