Writer inspiration can come from romantic places, exciting events, and interesting people. More often than not my inspiration comes from strange or mundane places. Beyond my love for mermaids and the unknown and the joyful experience of swimming in a mermaid tail, some of the details for my WIP are inspired by a video game. You may have heard of it. It’s called the Sims.

The Sims are a life simulation game series dating back to 2000 with new releases for the Sims 4 game being made as late as this year, but the Sims games date back as early as the eighties. Their existence is owing to developer Will Wright, Maxis, and EA games. [1] A big part of the game is using cheat codes; it’s even encouraged by the developer and publishers.[2]

In these simulator games, you can play as an ordinary human or use expansions to be say a vampire or a mermaid. Sims 3 saw an underwater world developed that Sims 4 unfortunately lacks, but the Island Living expansion is still loads of fun. Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid/merman and have long conversations with dolphin friends?

As I was playing the PC version, building my house by the sea (it’s a sea because it’s surrounded by land on some sides), there was something about that house and that single character that inspired a story to take shape. The biggest inspiration was the glass house I built, nestled away from civilization and reflecting moonlight during simulated night times. The rendering of the shadows through the glass roof was magical and rather realistic.

I’m not sure when my draft will be completed, but you can be assured it will be inspired by some strange things like a video game where cheating is queen and I play a character going about its mermaid life for no particular reason.


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