Another type of glass associated with beaches is lightning glass or fulgurite, though you can find fulgurite on mountains and made from stone. When lightning strikes the shores, there is a chance that it can form unique pieces of natural glass. When you manage to find this delightful treasure, it’s either in small bits or larger branched pieces.

There was a famous photo circulating the internet of a massive formation of ‘fulgurite’ that has been debunked and it’s clear when you see real fulgurite samples.

Fulgurite isn’t beautiful in the same way sea glass is. It’s raw, natural, and, well, sandy. It isn’t typically shiny or colourful, but it sometimes mirrors coral and driftwood shapes. It’s a moment of nature’s awesome power frozen in time. Although lightning glass is amazing, it only features in passing so far in my WIP draft. Maybe some day, my inner geologist will get to see lightning glass in person and collect a piece myself.