Well Angels and Avalon is finally out. It took ten years of hard work, digging deep, and a lot of support and inspiration. It was a huge learning curve for me and I enjoyed every minute of writing the first book in the Angels and Avalon Series. But I have to say I am eager to move on to the next book.

Angels and Avalon set the stage. It comes off as romance at first, but that is not what it is at all. Elizabeth’s journey is rooted in the distant past, a sort of creationist story. She comes from nothing, not even a name. From there the story guides you through the Angels and gods whose lives, desires, and schemes she gets caught up in.

You see great love and great trauma that shapes her down to the soul. It may appear a romance at first, and indeed romance is important, but the tale twists you in another direction to prepare you for the next phase of things.

That is when the real fun begins. Book two will launch forward into a frenzy of mortal madness and demonic mayhem. You’ll see how old characters have changed, born anew, and how some never will change, or will they? Book two focuses on the friendship between Madison, Elizabeth, and Veronica and how magic, or lack of it, touches these young women and challenges their relationship with each other.

Heavy with curses from gods, bad decisions, and comic relief book two will have the darker undertones like the first book with a much more modern setting. Look for it in 2016.