We are here today to interview the Big Bad Lucifer.

I see Father has gotten to you…

What do you mean?

“Big Bad”. Clearly you have adopted his perspective about me. Is it so much to ask to be heard?

Well, I could offer a novella for you.

(Lucifer’s eyes twinkle)
I would love that. I think it is time my story was heard.

So tell fans why you were so easily defeated by Adamina not once but twice.

(Eyes narrow and he wipes at dust on his suit’s lapel)
I was not “easily defeated”.
(A wide grin slides across his face as his dark eyes start to rise up again to meet mine)
What makes you think I was defeated?

Well, you were trapped in a cage Tyrryal created specially for you.

Contained momentarily, I assure you.


I appreciate the interview. How did you get in by the way?

Moving along.

No matter. I will get out. I have work to do after all.

Tell me about your angelic brothers.

They are not invincible. I already have caught Gabriel and Uriel with their weaknesses. I wonder how many more flies I can catch with their own personal honey…
(Lucifer shifts into Lucy)

Why do you do that so much?

Shift? It brings me joy. Staying in one form too long stagnates and feels stuffy. I am all about joy.

I thought that Jophiel was the Angel of Joy.

Oh, my dear, she is. But I believe there are two sides to everything. I look forward to that novella to speak more on that.

Is there anything you want to discuss now?

Nothing, in particular, I do enjoy the company though. The whispers in the darkness drive me mad. Tyrryal did a decent job on the cage. I appreciate the opportunity to drive them away.

It sounds like you respect Tyrryal. Shouldn’t you be more angry with him for putting you here?

Adamina put me here, Tyrryal built this cage.
(Lucy holds her arms open and pauses. Eerie whispers fill the silence and I shift in my chair uncomfortably.)
But no, I hold no anger towards them. I respect Tyrryal. He is a peer and hasn’t involved himself in the conflict between Father and me.

Adamina is more or less dead, I am afraid. I never speak ill of the departed, but Elizabeth now she is more interesting to me than infuriating. I believe she will be the key to making Father see the truth. He may finally come around to my perspective.

How will she help you change the mind of God?

I think that is all the time we have.
(Lucy smiles)
I am so sorry to see you go. I will miss the company.

I can tell when I am dismissed.


You aren’t going to answer my last question.

Not yet, dear.

Well, there you have it. The infamous Lucifer.

Much better than “Big Bad”! I think you are coming around. I eagerly anticipate that novella of mine.

There you have it, fans, Lucifer will be returning in a novella. And is very pleased about it. Until next time.