This year has been really difficult. For all of us. To help friends and family and people of the neighbourhood get through these challenging times and to save the magic of Halloween, my household committed to doing a display. The theme: Sirens and Krakens.

We got lights. We made kraken legs and a ship. We bought 2 KGs of ecofriendly water-resistant glow in the dark powder to mix into paint. We had materials delayed months and were unable to really polish off the decorations (3 planned kraken legs will have to wait until next year). We had neighbours ask us to adjust lights and decorations a few times.

Family and friends helped with the process. Catherine wasn’t able to do much this year unfortunately due to her disability.

We had curious people, those who are excited every year for our display, walk by and stop for selfies and photos and that’s all it is really about after all, providing something new for people to see and help lighten these trying times.

We did not give out candy. We did have live mermaids, and a pirate, and sea dragon to wave at children and passersby.

Should the world not become more apocalyptic than 2020 has already made it, we will have an epic treasure box filled with candy and toys for 2021 and, hopefully, the solid finishing touches including the show stopping three kraken legs we had to put off thanks to shipping delays.

We might even have a party next year. Who knows, I’m feeling hopeful.

In case you haven’t guessed, Halloween is Catherine’s favourite time of year. It’s a holiday steeped in mystery and the unknown that challenges us to look fear in the face and laugh at it. It also lets us dress up publicly, giving us a societal boost of confidence, as whatever the heck we feel like. Sometimes, it’s the only time of year many of use outcasts and misfits feel safe and at home.

Like everything, there’s a dark side to Halloween that doesn’t stem from the harvest festival and children entertainment origins of the holiday. That dark side is all thanks to human darkness, when some people believe it’s a night to be evil and anything goes, kind of like the current state of affairs in certain unnamed countries.

We’ve gotten sidetracked. The point is, we wanted to give a little joy and celebration to our small corner of the world. And so, kraken and siren world was created. Below are the work in progress and final stage photos of this year’s display.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported us and contributed to our display especially a certain Haunters Association retiree who donated Aartee the skeleton for our pirate captain and other materials, Aaron and Tamara who donated a generous amount of paint and wood stain, the Martin family (especially Victoria who built most of the ship and did most of the work on the kraken legs) for their hours of hard work and stain and support, Cathy (mermaid) and Alex for the time they contributed to making kraken legs and on the day of, Mom for the wood used in every aspect of the build, the boys and Becky for providing glow in the dark clay barnacles and painted skulls and bones, and finally, for Brett and Eric who are the reason we can all enjoy this year’s Halloween masterpiece.

And thank you all for your support and appreciation of our efforts. This theme will be around for the next five years and then we’ll change it up again.

The Build

Materials: wood, paint, stain, screws, clay, eco friendly glow in the dark encapsulated powder, hot glue, plastic, fabric, spray foam, galvanized steel, old ducting pipe, sealant, lights, fabric, tarp, string and netting, sea shells.

The Lights and Sound

Halloween lights for our kraken and siren themed display for this year.

Listen to our mermaid play list on YouTube here:

Testing fog and Some Lights

Costumes: Mermaids, Pirates, and Sea Dragons

Custom mermaid Tails by Shello Mermaid (and yes, you can swim in them! Catherine uses Finis Luna (comfort) and Mahina monofins (speed) for her exercises, they actually make swimming easier on her).

Cute critters are two of our four felines. The tabby, Egypt, actually enjoys dressing up, and the big guy FanLew tolerates it with Grace. Fanlew has diabetes and if you’d like to learn more about that you can read the article here.

Eric dressed up as a pirate and Brett was a beautiful sea dragon.

Final Display

On October 30th, we did a bunch of finishing touches and took a few quick pictures, but had to take them all down and secure them. We had 80 km winds all evening and into the next morning. Here are some pre October 31st photos. We will provide updates on the whole spooky night in a few days.

The mermaid backdrop is painted in glow and the dark (it was painted over a preprinted image we ordered online).

Everyone worked so hard to bring this all together and we are so grateful we could bring a bit of amusement to everyone. Keep checking back for photos from Halloween night!

Halloween Night

UPDATE: Here are the photos you have all been waiting for. The winds died down and we had a few ghouls and gobblins, ghosts and geckos come on out to appreciate our display. Many passersby drove by and the pizza delivery guy gushed over the display so all in all MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. The ALL HALLOW’S EVE is alive and well this 2020.

Below is a video tour and some rare photos and film of a pirate, mermaids, and a sea dragon!