Catherine:  Fans you are in for a treat. Today we have the Archangel General of Heaven, fallen to mortality for love, Gabriel Lockwood, joining us. Welcome.

Gabriel: Thank you.

Catherine: So you’ve just stopped the big bad Lucifer, but you lost Elizabeth because of him. Where are you now?

Gabriel: At the moment, Hawaii. Alan insisted I needed a break.

Catherine: For those of you just joining us, Alan is Gabriel’s gentleman’s gentleman and good friend.

Gabriel: He’s one of the best friends I have, next to Raphael.

Catherine: Gabriel, you sound quite frustrated.

Gabriel: Well, to start, I did not stop Lucifer. No one did really. You can’t stop him, only contain him. Unless you found a way to separate his fragmented spirit from his power, you can’t stop him completely. Something Tyrryal seems to ignore as well. Adamina was the one to put Lucifer into the cage Tyrryal built. I just gave up my magical power to help her… (Gabriel takes a sip of his drink).

Catherine: You miss her?

Gabriel: I don’t want to talk about it. I’m here to move on.

Catherine: Understandable. What is Hawaii like?

Gabriel: Restful, tropical. Curious too.

Catherine: How so?

Gabriel: There is whispers of a magical fire being. I plan to investigate them soon. Apparently it terrorizes the local streets. Perhaps I can do some good here. I am sure I could mix up a potion or two to get rid of it. The locals have been very hospitable, I’d like to do something for them in return.

Catherine: How are you feeling without your magic?

Gabriel: (Gabriel frowns pensively) I try not to think about it. I mean, well, now that I do it feels akin to having my Angelhood torn away. The absence… but I focus on the future to keep me going.

Catherine: That must be very difficult for you. What does your future have in store?

Gabriel: As of right now? A bottle of tequila probably, a long massage in about an hour, perhaps the comfort of a local woman’s arms

Catherine: When you get back, what does your future look like?

Gabriel: More of the same as when I left I suppose. (Ice clinks as Gabriel finishes his glass of long island iced tea) I have my family’s business to run.

Catherine: Let us talk about what you have been avoiding, Adamina.

Gabriel: It was my fault. I see that now.

Catherine: What was?

Gabriel: The end. My weakness, my lust caused the end. At first I blamed Uriel, Lucifer and Gem. But my weakness allowed me to fall under Gem’s magic. It didn’t matter that the women’s names in my phone were business clients. Adamin- Elizabeth wouldn’t have believed me. Hell, I wouldn’t have believed me either.

Catherine: Do you miss it?

Gabriel: What?

Catherine: Avalon

Gabriel: (Gabriel sighed heavily and assumes a faraway look) Who doesn’t? I think Avalon is a part of us all. I still wonder if all of this could have been avoided. Hindsight is 20/20.

Catherine: Would you go back and change it?

Gabriel: (Gabriel sits quietly for a minute) No. The experiences I had made me into something better. Adamina brought love into my life, no matter how brief. That alone was worth it.

Catherine: Tell us about your brothers and sisters, do you miss them?

Gabriel: The Angels? My brothers and sisters – well, it’s like having thousands of siblings who are part of your soul. You are never alone. It can get overcrowded. Sometimes you just need space to remember who you are. Some of us get along, some of us just do our best to ignore the other exists.

Catherine: Like Tyrryal?

Gabriel: Like Tyrryal and I, yes. He did something I have a hard time forgiving.

Catherine: Using you as bait for demons?

Gabriel: Annoying and typical of Tyr, but no, something much worse.

Catherine: Well that is all the time we have. Thank you Gabriel

Gabriel: My pleasure.

Catherine: Thank you fans for tuning in. Keep in touch for more interviews, blog posts and don’t forget book two Demon and Destiny is coming soon!