In case you are wondering what the heck I have been up to: hint, it’s writing my fingers off.


Angels and Avalon

The next installment of the Angels and Avalon series Innocence and Ire is almost ready. It just has to go through the formatting stages.

One more novella in the Angels and Avalon series just completed its first draft. This installment will feature Kamiel, Veronica, and the Crone on a unique adventure as part of the over-arching plot of the Angels and Avalon series.

Two books (one novella and the final full book in the Angels and Avalon series) have been started.

A special short story has been drafted which comes after the final book.

I’ll reveal the covers and book blurbs, deleted scenes, extras and sneak peaks on my patreon site as soon as they are ready, and then a while after that, I’ll share some of it here. If you cannot wait for the next book, your support through sites like patreon make it possible for me to publish the books faster.


Through Dragon Eyes

A new book in the Through Dragon Eyes universe has been loosely plotted out and I will begin work on that as soon as the Angels and Avalon series has been completely drafted. In case you were desperate for a hint about the direction of this story, check out Whisker’s blog.


Other projects

As so happens with writers, my creative mind runs away with me and new story ideas emerge. I was inspired to write a darker work focused on the concept of loneliness and hitting rock bottom. A long time ago I wrote a short story called Everyday Vampires which never saw the light of full publication. It is along the same grain as that, not that that means anything to you, dear reader. This darker novel will likely take a long time due to the intensity of the work, but I hope to publish it conventionally and become a hybrid published author when it is finished.

I had a fantasy series concept which has since faded to the background as story concepts can. My writer brain mulls it about, turning it over and fleshing it out long before I get to write it down. I strongly believe in the power of the subconscious brain in the creative process of writing. I trust my mind to produce a story concept when it is ready. That doesn’t stop me from writing a bit here and there to get it down, though.

I’m not a huge plotter, more of a pantser or discovery author. This means I start with everything or nearly everything in my head. I often only jot down character lists and minimal traits, but rarely do I plot out fiction novels. The creative process of just writing throws me forward into the story from its start to its finish. Even if that story doesn’t start at the start or finish at the end, I still am able to write it all down. I usually write in the order that the story unfolds.

I’ve talked about some of the downsides before: having to delete and rewrite tens of thousands of words, extra editing needed sometimes, stories dying on the page before they ever get finished. I rewrote Angels and Avalon three times over ten years, the entire novel, Before I decided it was ready enough to begin revising and editing and working toward publication. But none of the downsides of discovery writing are that different from the author who sits and plots and jots notes for hours. I think this tenancy of mine is one of the reasons I don’t care for awesome writer tech like Scriviner (a joy for plotter writers to keep it all in one place). I want as little between my story and me as possible.

I’ve also expanded, and continue to expand, the side of my business where I help other authors with their writing.

On a volunteer basis, I’ve been writing adoption ads since January of this year for Regina Cat Rescue‘s Cat-a-logue. If you’re really hurting to read something by me before my next book is out, try to tell which ones I’ve written. Some are by me, some are by others. I’ve been volunteering with RCR for a long while (about 10 years). If you have a few extra dollars to donate to them to support their cause, please do so. They are a no-kill volunteer-run not-for-profit shelter that helps ensure the street cat population is cared for and that homeable felines find good homes. Whiskers was saved by Regina Cat Rescue who gave her the opportunity to find her way into my life.


Thank you for your patience on this journey and for coming along for the ride. You’ll have new books to read very soon.