Angels and Avalon is the first book in the series by the same name from Canadian Author Catherine Milos.


Reviews have heralded the debut novel as “poetic”.

“The story is fantastic… It’s well written and will definitely draw you in.” 

“I don’t normally read books that have gods, goddesses and magic but this book was able to keep my interest the entire time.”


From a dark world, an unwanted nameless girl is saved by Goddess and brought to a secret paradise, Avalon, in which she finds a home and a name, Adamina.

The Archangel Gabriel wants to retire from his duties as an Arch, a life void of freewill and filled with destruction and battle. Goddess allows him refuge on Avalon on the condition he protect her treasure.

Rumors spread about a secret paradise, and God sends Gabriel’s brothers, the other Archangels, to search for this land and the god who formed it. The Angels bring a new threat to Avalon and Adamina.

Lucifer aspires to build a better universe, and get revenge on God for casting him out of heaven. Avalon is the perfect place of power to do that and Adamina its key. What he doesn’t know about Avalon and Adamina brings his plans for revenge to a halt.

Reincarnation carries Adamina and Gabriel through a desperate attempt to find each other and stop Lucifer. But a soul can only take so much. Elizabeth McAllistar wants a new life free of Angels and Avalon. Will she be able to overcome the tragedy, magic, and the past that haunts her?

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