Catherine: Demons and Destiny was launched November 2016 and with it, Raphael got a bit more limelight. I have him here today to answer a few questions you may have. For those who are joining us without being a part of the A&A universe, Raphael is a dear friend to many of our protagonists who, along with his brothers Gabriel and Tyrryal, chose to leave Heaven after the events on Avalon. He has been reborn as a mortal a few times now. In his new mortal life, Raphael managed to locate some of the others. He currently lives in an urban prairie city where he works as a chef at the restaurant he owns with his husband Kevin.  Welcome, Raphael.

Raphael: Thank you for the invitation. I am blessed to be here today.

Catherine: So how long have you and Kevin been married?

Raphael: Five amazing years, I think. Kevin is the one to ask about that.

Catherine: What’s it like owning your own restaurant? It must be quite a lot of work. How do you keep up with everything going on with your friends and celestial family while juggling a committed relationship and owning and cooking at the restaurant?

Raphael: I imagine it’s not that much different from others who have family, friends, jobs, and hobbies. The nice thing about being owner and head chef is I can ask others to cover for me when I need to get away and help mend a wound for the others. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big believer in fairness and balance at work and so if I get someone to cover for me, I’ll cover a shift for them and give them a day off with pay. That’s the benefit of having a successful restaurant like La Mer. I can compensate my employees for their dedication and support. But even if we weren’t as successful as we are, I would still do the same thing. That reminds me, Juan will need at least two weeks. He’s been a lifesaver. I’ve been away a lot, helping Tyr go after his demons in his search for the god who cursed him and took Madigan away from him.

Catherine: You sound concerned about Tyr.

Raphael: I was, and still am, even after all that has transpired. He became reckless, unconcerned with the harm he was putting Kamiel, Mertle, and Stephen in. Not to mention the fiasco around Elizabeth. Putting her in that much danger, without his Angelic powers, was unforgivably irresponsible. Unfortunately, most of my brothers seem to have that darker, irresponsible streak to them.

Catherine: It sounds like you watch out for them and clean up after them a lot.

Raphael: Mother and Father made me to be a healer. There are a lot of injuries to mend. Sometimes I have to be the voice of reason. My brothers can be very… passionate. Sometimes that means working behind the scenes, sometimes it means taking them head on.

Catherine: I can tell you care about them a great deal.

Raphael: I do.

Catherine: You mentioned taking your brothers head on. It sounded like you were implying you’ve gotten into a fight or two—

Raphael: Or a battle…

Catherine: We haven’t seen you in a combative situation. Most think of you as a passive individual, at least compared to Gabriel and Tyr, who seem more shoot first and ask questions later.

Raphael: My nature does not drive me to ‘shoot first,’ as you put it. I am, like all Angels, trained to combat the imbalances and evils in the universe, and so I can fight, should I need to. I have, much to my embarrassment, been goaded into a sibling tiff a few times. With brothers like mine, who needs to fight a war? Their purpose is more combative than mine and I am quite comfortable with that.

I believe in letting things take their proper course, not interfering. At the same time, I believe in fulfilling the purpose I was made for – to heal. There is a lot of misconception around healing. It’s very active. Healing is often behind the scenes, unseen, but it requires a great deal of activity.

Catherine: Can you explain?

Raphael: I’d be happy to. Take a simple non-lethal cut on a mortal being. Healing a cut requires rebinding and growing tissue, skin, blood vessels, sometimes nerves. It requires protective elements to stave off infection, and it requires the ability to fight off infection. All of those elements are measured and balanced, but mostly invisible to a human’s visual observation. My interference, magical or otherwise, requires supporting or performing these aspects of the healing process for the body. I sometimes combat the natural pre-established responses of a mortal body to do the necessary work. I fight battles in my own way, you could say.

Catherine: I had never considered healing to be so complex before.

Raphael: Most do not. Then again, there have been recent movements in healing. There is an increasing number of healers on Earth. It heartens me to see humans working to heal the planet, animals, each other, and, most difficulty, themselves. I do what I can to help those mortals in their callings.

Catherine: Are you not mortal now?

Raphael: Yes. I am.

Catherine: You seem upset by that. I never took you to be like the others, uncomfortable with or looking down on humans.

Raphael: I do not look down on humans. But old habits die hard. I am—was an Angel. I have to wrestle with the message Gabriel brought me. It’s been weighing on me heavily. I apologize for my curtness.

Catherine: Not at all, however, our time is up. Thank you for allowing the fans to get to know you a bit better.

Raphael: I am grateful to have been able to answer some of their questions. I hope they have had an opportunity to read Demons and Destiny — and Angels and Avalon of course — maybe they will be able to help me make my decision regarding what’s next for me.